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Personal Account

Open your personal account today

Arrivals Star offers the choice of registering for a Personal Account; this is for customers who book more than 5 taxi journeys a week, with mileage in excess of 5 miles per journey.

A Personal Account provides you with extra benefits and features than a non-account holder:

Freedom of Travel

Knowing you can just call us up at any time and request a dispatch.

Go Further Quicker

We will aim to collect you and reach your destination quicker than non-account holders, essentially improving the distance you travel in the least amount of time.

Priority Service

We will prioritise you over non-account holders when taking your booking; this provides you with an advantage over non-account holders particularly during busy times.

We aim to dispatch a taxi within 5 minutes and make contact within 10-15 minutes

We will always prioritise our vehicles for account holders and will aim to dispatch a taxi within 5 minutes of your call, again providing you with an advantage especially during the peak hours.

Peace of mind that a taxi will be there to collect you

An Arrivals Star Personal account can provide you with the peace of mind that no matter what time, we will always be on hand to take your booking, collect and take you to your desired destination as you wish.

People you authorise (family, friends) can be connected to your account

Your loved ones and close friends can also benefit from your account. Whenever they need to use our services, they can make the most of your Arrivals Star Personal account.

7, 14 or 28 days invoicing plan

We give you the flexibility of your payment choice. You can select from a week up to a month in which to be billed for your Personal account.

Pre-paid accounts available

We offer the option of pre-paid accounts if you so wish, where the payment can be made up front and you don’t need to worry about any billing for that period of time.



Give our Sales/Accounts Team a call on 01925757788 or email sales@arrivalsstar.co.uk

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