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Business Account

Open your business account today

Arrivals Star offers you the second choice of registering for a Corporate Account.

The Corporate Account is for those who are looking to book taxis and travel higher mileage in excess of the Personal account. This Account is especially valuable for Companies/Businesses that require transport for their staff on a regular basis.

The added benefits and features provided by the Corporate Account are as follows:

Easy to manage paid staff transport

Your staff will be able to travel with ease and enjoy our services. We can take care of your entire workforce and cater to their travel arrangements as part of your account with us.

Range of payment facilities

We offer a range of payment methods to provide you with the best option that suits you best.

E-booking system (book online, email booking amendments)

We provide you access to our online booking system in which you can book or schedule a taxi directly. You can also keep in contact with us via email to discuss any changes or queries.

Detailed 7, 14, 28 days invoicing plan

We give you the flexibility of your payment choice. You can select from a week up to receive a fully detailed invoice for your Account.

Priority Service

We will prioritise you over non-account holders, which is particularly advantageous when requiring a booking during busy times.

Peace of Mind – Guarantee taxi for you and your clientele

We will guarantee you a personal taxi and driver for you and your clientele. They will be on hand, whenever you require their assistance.

Protect you Account with a Password/Reference Number

To protect your Account you can provide us with a password or reference number to prevent unauthorised access to your Account.

Clean Cars, Friendly Drivers

All our cars are clean and up to optimum standards. Our drivers are friendly and will look after you during your journey with us.

Accounts of All Sizes

We offer the flexibility of opening accounts for all sizes. We will work with your specific requirements to ensure we provide a service that best suits your needs.



Give our Sales/Accounts Team a call on 01925757788 or email sales@arrivalsstar.co.uk

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